onsdag den 1. august 2012

New York City

Today I am going to New York. Now I am in the plane to Frankfurt with Lea another Girl from Into, it is good to have someone to talk with about saying goodbye and how we can' not beliveve we are going away for 10 months.
In Frankfurt we will meet other Exchange students from Into. They will come from all around Europe.
13:20 we will take a plane to New York City, We will arrive about 2 o'clock New York Time.
Right now I am drinking a cup of tea in the plane, we will arrive soon.

Xxx. Caoimhe

Now I am waitning at the gate in the airport.
When me and Lea arrived we did not know where to go, so we just keept on walking. We where just talking about, what we were going to do for 5 hours while we wait, when we were stop by 3 other students from Into, York( somthing like that ) a guy from Italy, claudia a girl from Italy and rafalle a Girl from Austria. They did not know what they were going to do either. We talked a bit and Then we decided to find the tramp, so we could go to the foodhall. I remember the foodhall like a big plads with a lot of food, so I draged the others over to the tramp wicht was really hard to find, because for some reason they didn't have signes.
Then we arrived and it was ( I am sorry to say it ) a shit hole. I felt really stupid, but the others were very sweet and said that it was fine.
I got two dry Corsane, the worst I ever had. we alle talked about your host family and where we were going to stay, it was nice.
Now I am here at the gate. I have meet more Into students and I am waiting.

Xxx. Caoimhe

I am in the plane to New York now. It is a really nice plane and very Big, it has two levels.
I am sitting next to a girl going with aifs.de( a german orgination). She told me her story;
Her family doesn't have much money. She got a money from a kompation she have entered to go to the USA. She has worked as a teacher for kids to earn pocket money. Today was her the first time flying, wow! I think she i very brave.
Right now these is a guy behind me with extremly long legs. hes knees are in my bag.

Xxx. Caoimhe

I am arriving in only hour. I am so tried of sitting in a plane. I have signed the papiers for the U.S.A. .

Xxx. Caoimhe

I have arrived at the hotel. I am really tired right now, but later we have to take a tourbus around New York. I had complications getting out of the airport, because lates Time I was here my fingre prints wasn't right but got out safe and sound.

Xxx. Caoimhe

The tourbus was really nice, it was beautiful. We stop at a bridge, I can't remember its name. It was nice. To students didn't come back at the time we agreed on and adults didn't notice it. The students call the emergency number, and had an adult coming to pick up.

Xxx. Caoimhe
( sorry for the spelling mistakes, I dont really have time to check)

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  1. holy Molly! you have seen and experienced enough for an entire week already, Caoimhe!
    and you are doing so well.
    yesterday, mor and I had dinner in a small French bistro in Copenhagen. maybe you could sense how much we talked about you:)
    and I couldn't go to bed before mor had posted that you had arrived safely. hehe.


  2. Keep it coming Caoimhe. It's interesting stuff so far and we're checking every day. KeX (PS Don't worry too much about eht spelling esxpecially when you're mobile, just write)

  3. OMG! you really filled us in. It was like being there with you. You are sooo good at writing about the atmosphere around you, and what you see and fell, it almost becomes real for the reader.You rock girl?
    Big hugs

  4. Denne kommentar er fjernet af forfatteren.

  5. Thanks for all the sweet comments :)