mandag den 13. august 2012

Fun Run car show

This weekend
I went with Kelsey family to a car show, called Fun Run on the mountains. With her parents and her brother Jonny, and her cousin Tyler.
Driving in the mountains was beautiful. The landscape was wonderful, I know it sounds weird, but I was blown away, because I have always seen it in the movies, that dry landscape in the mountains.
A few years ago there was a big fire in the mountains, and sometimes you could see a burned out tree among lost of green trees.

We arivved, the weather didn't look good. A big grey cloud were seeking up from above the mountain side.
We walked watching the old cars, they all looked brand new.
Kelsey's family knew a man, Godwill, he had he's cars in the show. Heavy rain fell from the sky, we took shelter underneath a tent. I got really tired, because of the rain, I don't know how come I got so tired.
Godwill needed help to get he's cars back to he's house.
A red mustang, was waiting in the packing spot. Tyler was driving I sad next to him in the car with my wet boots on my lap, praying that I wouldn't do anything stupid, that would break something in the car or make it dirty.
we arrived to Godwin is house, there was a family party going on, the wifes were in kitchen, and the men were talking and playing games. Me, Kelsey, Tyler, Jonny and a little cute boy called Nathan, went for a game of Uno. I gotta say, it was going beauty good for me, I even got a best friend, Godwin's dotter. When she saw I was wining the game, she said to me that I was her new best friend, I was just thinking " I love this game."
Fun Run car show has a tradition, to drive a round the lake in a Old car parade, so it was back in the red mustang, with the windows and roof down. My new BFF and her cousin in back, they were so must fun. I was loving it!
There is just something different driven in a old car, it is so must cooler.
When we got back. Diner was ready and we all had to hold hands and listen to the prayer.
Half of the food I didn't even know what it was, but the meat was real good.
It was time to head home and we said goodbye and thanks. It was and an amazing day with car show, and experience and real afro american family party.

Xxx. Caoimhe

   I will Put a picture of the red mustang on the next page there isn't room here 

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