søndag den 5. august 2012


Last Day in New York
I woke up at 5. Lea my roommate had to be at the bus by 6 am. I had to be there at 7 am. I went for a shower, the hot water wasn't working, it was quite unplessend. I Said goodbye to my friends that was going at 6 am, and headed straight to the room, where I got ready.
I went down the recption with my big bag, and went Into the foodhall. I walked by some foodboxes and a box felled on the floor, I tired to take it up but than all fruit felt out, and when I was done picking all the fruit up, we had to go to the bus, so didn't get any breakfast. I talked to Cladudia on the bus. Cladudia and Lea are going to stay at the same family, but they have diffent flyets.

We were getting out bags checked in. I was really nervous that it was over-weigth, your only allowed 23 Kgs in your lugage, I Came with 23.5 Kgs from Danmark, I had mode a Lot of my stuff in my handbag, so that I didn't have to pay . I placed my lugage on in weigth and it said 44. I was chocked, " 44pounds" the man behind the desk said. Puuh ! I was throw without a problem.
It was time to find my gate, 17D my card said, so I rushed over to the D terminal, but I couldn't find 17D, so I asked little old lady were I could find the 17D gate, and I saw that 17D was the seat in my airplane, and my gate number is 38C. The word "shit!" came loud and clear out my mouth, the little old lady looked chocked at me "what?" she asked "eeehmm.. Nothing" I answered.
I rushed to the gate, and I meet Annette from Hungary, she going to Arizona. I am going to fly from New York to Phoenix, and than Phoenix to Ontario. I found out that it World take 5 hours from New York to Phoenix indstead of 3. My trickets are in german so I don't understand them. There is a time diffents from New York to Phoenix, it goes 3 hours back. My next flyet will take about 1 hour.

Ive arrived. Kitty, Kelsey, Cindy and Joey was there and welcomed me at the airport.
We arrived at the house It is really nice. I have a big room and my own bathroom. I met Keith kittys husband and cody kittys son.
I met some of codys friend they were nice now I really tired.

Xxx. Caoimhe

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  1. Sådan! endelig fremme, og så i skole i morgen, tirsdag, det bliver SÅ spændende. Glæder mig til at høre mere fra dig, hvilke fag du har fået, klassen, hunden i huset ...
    Knus og kram fra mor :-)

  2. huuuuuh! du godeste, Caoimhepigen - hvor meget kan et menneske lige klare på én gang? nu er du fremme og på sin vis i mål, selvom det hele i virkeligheden først starter nu.
    lov mig, at du lige flader ud et par dage, okay?
    kærligt knus
    din Rikke