torsdag den 16. august 2012

From 12 grade to 11 grade

I had a busy day today. I had to which my grade from 12 grade (senior ) to 11 grade (junior), so I could get 6 classes instead of 4 classes. I changed my schedule to first period drama, second period drawing, third period III english, four period II french, fifth period P.E., six period U.S. history.
When I got out I had mixed feelings I was happy that I finally felt like a student at the school, but sad that I got kicked out of my senior english class.
when I was done with my third period, I was on my way to french, when arrived the class was empty. I had first lunch, normally I have second lunch were my friends were. So I had to switch my french class, so I got science. ( it is a special kinda science, the crime lab science- stuff. )
There were clubs signings today, I signed for, Hearts for animals, Bird of paradise, S.T.A.N.D. , The art club, Best of buddies, and Red cross.
Tomorrow I am going to San Diego
here is some pictures.

There was lost of clubs like, black people club, muslim club, pervent suicide, and rango cucamga for christ. 

In front of the school



haha, funny. " almost legal. "

Xxx. Caoimhe

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  1. Godt at få lidt billeder fra skolen, og sikke en vennekreds du får, nu hvor du både har prøvet det ene og det andet :)
    God tur til San Diego, skat.
    Kys og kram mor

  2. The words "Rancho Cucamonga" look good written on anything.

  3. good choice, Caoimhe.
    and great pictures. its so amazingly different.
    big, big hug from me.