søndag den 12. august 2012

First school week

Week 1 in California.
One word, AMAZING!
Sunday. I went to Kelsey's going away pool party. it was awesome, haha.
I went to the school to get a schedule done, it turns out I only can get 4 class's, because the school is full, it was really stupid! I was angry with that.
later on that evening I went for a walk with Bruce, I was listening to music, and suddenly a guy with no shirt on and his pants as low as they can get, stands next to me " what are you doing?" he asked me. "ehmm...walking the dog." I answer. it turns out he was going to rango high school, but I didn't really believe him. I was just thinking He probably was a sick pervert.
When I came home, Kitty told me that I was normal to talk strangers on the street.

Monday. I went school shopping with Kelsey, her cousin Tyler, and her friend. It weird how hard it is to find a normal pencil case.

Tuesday. I was so nervous, I didn't know anybody, it was a really big school with 3500 students, but the teachers where nice, and it all when well.
after school Kitty took me to starbucks and burger king.

Wedensday. Yet another school, after school I went home a did my homework in the sun. I saw the Amazing spider man, and it is really good.

Thursday. I had lunch with a girl from my French class and her friends. one of them was from Denmark, and that is pretty cool, haha.
I tried runing, but I only ran 2-3 km, because I had the wrong shoes on. when I came home I go sick, because of the heat.

Friday. senior sunrise, I got a donut and drink. I met some girls that was on the water pool team really sweet girls. I think of joining a sport I have to find out how to do it.
that was it for first week.

Xxx. Caoimhe

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  1. Denne kommentar er fjernet af forfatteren.

    1. ok,man kan ikke skrive på i-Pad, det bliver noget værre sludder, derfor slettet.
      Ih, det lyder helt fantastisk Caoimhe.Sikke en masse du oplever. Det er til tider svært at forestille sig, så kan man mon få et par billeder??
      Mange knus og kram

  2. Pool party - god start ;o)
    Det tegner da vist til et super år :o)
    Har ventet spændt på at høre hvordan det går, så rigtig dejligt at høre at det går godt :o)
    Sikkert en god idé med noget sport, så møder man også en masse andre.
    Knus fra Virum
    (Niclas og Annelise)

  3. jeg har billeder til weekend indslaget