søndag den 5. august 2012

4th Day in New York

4th and last day in New York.
Today the weather was really nice maybe to nice.
I spoke with some girls from German, they tolded me that 3 guys from the group saw Snoop dog in N. Y.C. and that the people from projekt runaway was at our hotel, so cool!
We went to Times Square and look at shops, we saw the naked cowboy, actsually there was 3 naked cowboys.
We eat at T.G.I fridags, it was really good!
Then we went to Rockefellers. In my home in Danmark, we have the classic picture from the Rockefellers at the time where they were building it, but I never knew that it was from
I spoke with a guy called adam from Hungary. We got back to Time Square, Adam wanted to show me a smoothiebar, he said, that it was really good, so me and the girls went with Adam to the smoothiebar, and it was really good! After that we went to the m and m store. I got lost in the m and m store, haha. Then my sephora bag broke, my new make up was all over the floor. I couldn't have it all in my hands, so I went around with sunglass, and a lipscloss in my mouth in the m and m store looking for the others.

We eat at bubba gump it was a resturan at Times Square. Bubba gump had a forest gump them. If you have seen forest gump, he startede a shrimp restaurant, and bubba gump was the name of it restaurant forest gump startede. It was nice.
After that we headed to the central park on the way I spoke to a girl from Germany, she bought a holister t-shirt for her boyfriend in Germany, she was really nice.
Mika one of the campleaders said the most importen thing Amerika has learned him was that you can be what you want, no matter how you look or what you beliveve in.
I spoke to a lot people Today. Its Nice to hear their story, some of Them are going to near the big citys others far out on the countryside. A boy from czech repulic is going to the countryside on a farm with no neighbourgs, and a High school with only 50 students.

Xxx. Caoimhe

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