fredag den 3. august 2012

3rd day in New York

3rd day in New York.
Last night we found out how to use the air conditioner, so it what so hot as the last night.
At breakfast people where very quite, because they were tired.
When we were waiting outside a lady comes by and said “ hey kids, help me sing a birthday song for my friend.” she took her mobileup and we were all singing happy birthday, it was fun.
We to the subway to South Ferry, and of course I had problems getting throw the ticket machine, so I created a lot of traffic
We were on the island were the statue of liberty, so people were walk around with umbrella hat, it was very funny. The island was great!
When we got back. We saw the Waslin brothers ( something like that) it was a street preforms and it was amazing, I will show pictures later.
We when to Soho and China town, but I spend must of the time waiting for a toilet in starbucks. When we were waiting for the adults to arrive. A man came over to the group and started jumping and asking us questions... weird.
I talk to a boy from Czech republic, he was nice. We talk about your schools and prague. I also talk to some girls from Hungary, they were nice to.
We had pizza for dinner, we all got 2 pics, and the pics were as big as the size of my head.

Xxx. Caoimhe
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  1. WOW! another day with exciting and thrilling moments.And your favourite dinner, not bad!
    tomorrow you will be moving on to California, oh Caoimhe, you must be stuffed with impressions in your little head. It's going to be nice to settle in, in Rancho Cucamonga and get into an everyday life routine and get some sleep :)can't wait what tomorrow will bring here on your blog :)
    YYY me;)