søndag den 28. oktober 2012

Hard Week

I had a hard week. On Monday Johnathon was absent, I was really angry with him, because I just agreed to work with him. I texted him, asking why he was absent. He wrote back that he had an family emergency, I got worried and asked him what it was, but he wouldn't tell me, he was absent the hole week.
Later I had track training and I was talking to one of the girls, she had just lost her 22 year old cousin, he was electrocuted, it was an accident. It made me realize how easy it is to lose somebody you love, and made me think of home.
Tuesday, Kitty's brother had an heart attack. I had just met Pat, kitty's brother, a few weeks ago. I was really sad to hear what had happen. I have been really down this week, and friday I was homesick, and tired. There was a big school football game but I decided not to go, I couldn't.
Friday night I got a packet from my aunt, Rikke, and that really help my mood. I WANT a better week next week and it is going to be!
Xxx. Caoimhe  

2 kommentarer:

  1. Åh, skat! Nå, men det måtte jo komme på et tidspunkt. Jeg savner også dig, og jeg glæder mig til vi skal sidde her og tale om dit år i USA, med jævne mellemrum. Så ud og oplev så min ører kan vokse af begejstring.

  2. Lets start with a scary halloween....'trick or treat'! I am going to a house in Philadelphia with no electricity - and it is 5 deg. celsius, huh, huh, huh....