tirsdag den 9. oktober 2012

Journal #1

Hey all

I have to make a journal in art. I really like the idea. We have to include drawings, sketches, material and writing.
Here are some pages from my journal:

My Journal, I taped it with duck tape from Target.

This is my FRONT page. I drew swans, because it is the national bird of Denmark, and one of my favorite Irish myths is about children that get turned into swans. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Children_of_Lir

A page I made for MJ when it was his birthday :)

I was really loving this song, where they we're singing about colors so I a made a page.

A better picture of the MJ page.

We had an assignment were we had to draw a hand, I wasn't pleased with what I turned in, so I decided to draw a hand in my book.

I wrote about how big everything is in America. I was lost in the Grocery store for 20 mins trying to find ice.

I wanted to speak to my dad, so I made him this page :)

A bit random. A page with U2 lyrics.

A page for Homecoming.

I wanted to compare the photos to a Danish party, so I took some Facebook photos. :)

I saw this on a album cover of an random band Kings of Leon had liked on Facebook and drew it in my book. I thought it looked cool :)

A map of Denmark, so I can show people were I live when they ask.

I was really tired that day, but I had to do one last drawing, so I did it on an old essay with the title " Its about putting a smile on your face." meaning keep going on.

I thought this was cool, because its half sketch, half drawing.

My drama teacher Mr. Kuhn told me " Time is your enemy. " and that inspired me to draw her.

Halloween is near, and so is CANDY CORN.

I kinda like this one. It was random that I drew her. I got the idea of putting newspaper as background and there was an article about a Veteran's memorial, how perfect, right?

"Wow" just went through my head many times that day.

Alice in Zombieland.

Whatever you are be a good one.

Forensic science.


   I am not done with this one, but it is about all the colors of music.

Xxx. Caoimhe

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  1. yeah, Caoimhe! I admire how you have been focusing on sketching, drawing and painting since you were the size of a shoebox.
    you remind me so much of your cousin Louis:)

    maybe you would consider (on a rainy day in California or at another time) to do a 'corporate illustration' to the NoNoNsense website.

    1. I don't know what a corporate illustration is, but yes of course :D

  2. great, Caoimhe! what I mean is a drawing or the like that symbolizes what NoNoNsense stands for. a replacement for the photo of the two girls (http://vampyrpingvin.blogspot.dk/)
    we can dig into that later on, when you've got the time.