lørdag den 3. november 2012


Knock, knock. "Are you awake?" I could hear Glen's voice on the other side of my door. "Shit! 7:42." I rushed in to my costume and took a quick breakfast.
Michela knocked on the front door, and I jumped into the car. I was looking out for costumes and I saw more and more the closer we got to the school.
First class was drama. Mr. Kuhn, my drama teacher was dressed up as a guide, and we all had to wait in front of the classroom. While we we're waiting I took some photos.
I met up with Jonathon. He was dressed up like a pingpong player. He kept saying he felt exposed, because he had his cross-country running shorts on from freshmen year (2 years old). I told him that's what us girls are going throw everyday.
Mr. Kuhn and some drama students had made the class room into a haunted house, and we were going in groups. Jonathon was making jokes about the freshmen, because they were scared, but when we went in he took my sleeve and was screaming like crazy. He was so scared, he pushed me into the wall, and was screaming "Caoimhe, Caoimhe! Where are you?!"
"I am here, you're holding me!"
I had to drag him through. Jonathon sad that he felt bad, because he stepped on someone. There was a costume contest. I was chosen out. There were awards for Funniest, Scariest and Best costume. Jonathon won Funniest custom. Lauryn won Scariest and I won Best. That was the best way to start out the day!
I loved looking around see what costumes people had, they we're so creative. One was dressed up as Taylor Swift in the "You Belong With Me" music video.
Forensic science was awesome. We're doing experiments from chemistry, so we we're just playing around.
In P.E. my friend Alex was showing his tricks to scare people. He is working in a haunted house on Halloween.
History, we were doing a trade game, I started out with two items ended with 13 items (Yes, I know. I get really into that kind of stuff) It was a lot of fun, and I got to know some new people from the class.
When I came home, I had a big headache and I had to lay down. Before I knew, it was 5:36. I looked at my phone and my friend that had promised me to take me to this Halloween church event had to cancel. I was really sad.
Alex wrote to me, to come and play Modern Warfare 3 at his house (We both live in Independence Village) and I went over to his house and played. About 7, Alex went to the haunted house with his girlfriend, she was also going to work there. I promised to come and see it later.
I was sad when I came home, I couldn't believe this was the way I was going to spend my Halloween. Then I got the idea of calling Jonathon. I begged him to go with me, and in the end he said yes. I ran up to take my costume on and then I got a text, where he said he wasn't going to do it. I got so sad, I sent him a lot of crying smileys and end the end he said ok.
I meet him at the elementary school down the street. He was still dressed like a ping pong player. He had the directions for a haunted house, but it took a while to get there on foot. On the way we stopped by a few houses. I didn't really fit in with the kids, but I really didn't care.
We got on to a busy street, and some guys that only wear underwear was "yahoo-ing" at Jonathon.
"Caoimhe, I feel so exposed!" I just started laughing.
We saw a haunted house sign and followed the direction, and on the end of the street there was a big sign wtih "Haunted House" in front of a house. A little kid was screaming "NO, NO" when his big sister was trying to drag him in to the haunted house. She asked if she could go in with me and Jonathon, so we all went in.
As we took one step inside, two chainsaws were turned one. The girl ran away as fast she could, Jonathon tried to run away with her, but I dragged him in (it was so funny) we got in to the new room and a clown jumped out. Jonathon pushed me into the wall and hit me in the face with his pingpong bat. I was confused after being hit by a pingpong bat, but Jonathon was holding my arm and running through the house.
I was laughing all the time. Jonathon was so funny he was screaming all the time. When we came out he said, "Caoimhe, why were you so scared?" The girl came over to us and said she would like to try again, I had both Jonathon and the girl holding my arms. The girl was screaming her heart out, I was again pushed in to the wall.
We headed for the "big" scary house. We're standing in line, just talking. A couple of (weirdos) guys were standing in front of us. One of them turn to us and started talking to us, I thought it was very strange, and I really didn't want to talk to him, but Jonathon was really good and talked with him.
It was so scary, we were both shaking, but it was fun. There were mirrors so you felt like you we're getting lost. In the beginning, I didn't get it, so, when me and Jonathon stood in front of it I said "Hey guys, what's up?" ( very weird ). Jonathon was laughing at me. I realized I was talking to a mirror as well. What we didn't know was what was going around the corner...      


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  1. Øøøøhhh, what goes on in that movie, Caoimhe? Hello from Tilghman, Chesapeake Bay :)