mandag den 8. oktober 2012


I went to Hungtington beach today with Cindy, Kitty and Joey. I have monday off, because it is columbus day or something like that. I had to get up at 8, because we wanted to get there early. We got donuts on the way to the beach, they were really good. when you enter the shop you get a tour of the working process making the donuts which was really cool.
After a long car drive we arrived at the beach it was kinda cold compared to the other days.
surfers everywhere it was awesome. It was a surfer town, they said once you're a surfer you can never go back. My mom and aunt could see me on live webcam from the beach which was really cool.
 me with a donut hat :D

Huntington beach :D

 Cindy :)

 Kitty! xD

 the diner were we had lunch :)

 The menu

 My Pineapple Milkshake was AMAZING

The last building on the pier is where we had lunch :D

Lol he's face xD

Joey is camera shy :)

  A SPY shop !!

Bruce <3

 Bruce climbing the stairs ahha

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  1. it is so great to see the rest of Hungtington Beach besides that part the webcam offered:)
    the Pacific is beautiful! and so are you, Caoimhe. I love your dress, too.
    say hello to Kitty, Cindy and Joey from me!