søndag den 21. oktober 2012

Last Friday

Last friday was a really good day.
I had to wake up a 5:40 like normal, because I had track training in the morning. Normally on a friday you meet a hour later, so at friday I usually wake up at 6:40, which is so confusing, because you keep forgetting that it is friday and you get a heart attack every time you look at your watch.
I arrived at 7:15, I headed for the weight room. I realized that I had forgotten my tennis shoe so I had to do it in my sandals. I picked a weight plate from the wall, 25 pounds/ 11.3 kg and we did some training with it, when we head to lift it over the head I could hear my shoulders making klick noises, nasty, I felt like an old lady.
After train I went which the girls from the team into the restroom to get dressed. I had chosen to wear a navy blue dress, normally I don't wear dresses, but it was friday, so what the hell, right? when I got out of the stall I got my first compliment for my dress from one of the girls.
I went to the library, since it was only 8:06 and the school would start at 8:30 and I knew that my friends hadn't arrived yet. At the library I met Bon or that is what I call her, don't remember her real name, but she calls me paulo, because when she heard I was from Europa, she was thinking about Italy and the Lizzie Mcguire Movie, which is one of her favorite movies and Paulo is the boy in the movie.
DRAMA: I got in said hello to my friends, and got compliments for the dress. we had just finish watching, "Back To The Future." which btw is an awesome movie.
Yesterday Johnathon told me that he wanted to work together on the next project, a 30 sec commercial, but the Last project, which was writing a script I was doing all of the work! so I said to him I wouldn't work with him, because he was a lazy ass.
Johnathon came into the class, he is sitting next to me, we say our daily hello, "Caoimhoe" ( he likes saying like that ) "Johnathon." He slapped a one page script on the desk and two pieces of hard candy," This for you, I hope you can see that I really want to work with you." I was really surpised. I read the scrip and it was kinda funny, so I accepted it. We went outside to go over it. In the end we had a  conversion about something totally different, Johnathon was asking if I was going to a halloween Party that was at 10 pm " nope." I answered.
Johnathon- "You should go."
me-" I don't wanna be dressed up like a slut."
Johnathon-" that is true, girls dresses up like sluts."
me-" see! and I don't want to. "
Johnathon-"have you seen mean girls."
me-" yes."
Johnathon- " you would be Linsey Lohan in that movie Mean girls, dressing up like a dead bride, and the others are dressed up like sluts."
me-" haha true."
Johnathon-" but Linsey Lohan is pretty and so are you."
Johnathon has two sides one that is childish and one nice.
DRAWING I went into the class and got a big smile from my friend Savannah who I side next to, and I got a compliment from Hannah " ahh you look pretty." I brushed, "thank you."
I was asking the people in my area of the class about the way they put their headphones I demonstrated the way they some danish "gangster" guys put their headphones behind their ears. I started of asking the "black" guys, they got confused about my question and hadn't seen it before, funny enough it was a "white" guy name Troy that did it.
ENGLISH We had Vocab test and I was sitting studying when the girl I sit next to comes rushing in the door. We just changed seats yesterday, so I didn't know her very well, but the first thing she said to me was " Shit now I can't cheat."  --___-- <---- me. Just when I got away from the guy with bad breath, and now I end up sitting next to a cheater.
She asked if I had done my Vocab I said yes. "shit!"she sat down and called her friend over asked the same question, her friend had also done the vocab " send me the answers ok?" she took her glitter covered phone out.
I tried to cover my test with my arms. After the test we actually had a short conversation. I try not to judge people.
After that I went over to Bon to do an exercise. Bon asked me if I had had any weird episode with guys, I told her the story about a guy saying things to me when I passed him on the street, we laughed.
FORENSIC SCIENCE I was so hungry! luckly Crystale was there to save me and I got some of her veggies. I was making a lot of noise, but it felt good getting something to eat. Ryan the guy I am sitting next to joined me.
We we're going to look at hair with a microscope to see hair patterns, which is pretty cool. I had to be the one giving my hair away, because Justin really didn't have any, Ryan had stuff in his hair and Joey and Crystal didn't want to, but it was fun to see my own hair pattern. We all had to fill out a form with information. Justin asked me how I spelled my name, C, Justin," I thought it was which a Q. C-A-O-I-M-H-E. I loved the face on Justin he was like whaaat? C-A-O-I-M-H-E that is who you spell Caoimhe (qviva) "yes" the others in my group had looked confused
Justin"and where are you from?"
me" I am half danish half irish."
Ryan" but mostly danish right?"
me "yes"
Justin " and this is how you spell it?"
me "yes"
Ryan" what is your last name?"
me " Willemoes" ( saying it the danish way)
I loved they're reaction they had all the "what" face, it is a long time since I have seen that.
I was packing up my bag and a guy called John quickly passes me and say " that is a great dress" " thank you" I smiled back at him, that was so sweet, I have to wear dresses more often. I went out to lunch with a big smile. I nearly forget that it was friday and I had to get to " best of buddies" it is this "club" where you have lunch with the disable children at school. I could only be there shortly after I have to go to P.E. on the other side of the school.
P.E. we are taking notes in P.E., it is really stupid if you ask me. We had to sit closer together so I moved over next to Anthony, I have had a few short conversation with him. When mrs. Rasmussen were talking, children from the other P.E. classes were running on the track.
One of the Michel Jackson twins ( they both do Michel Jackson moves and say michel jackson noises all the time like "IIIiieeee" or "YYeee") where running and he was running really weird, so we couldn't help laughing a bit.
I went to the weight room with Caitlin and Alex. We we're working different machines. I was just messing around with a weird machine when Anthony and Jason came over to me " Think your doing it wrong." said Anthony. I expanded that I didn't know what I was doing. Anthony toke over the machine to demonstrate.
Anthony, "where are you from again?"
me " I am from Denmark."
I could see that didn't really say him or Jason anything.
me "skandinaven"
I could see on they're face they still didn't get it.
me" europe "
Anthony "ahhh"
they we're taking about the weight that it was to weighty for me.
me "not it isn't!"
and Anthony change it from 40 pounds to 80 pounds. I lifted it ones
Anthony" 80 pounds"
me " how much is 80 pounds?"
Anthony " you use something else?"
me " kilos."
Anthony " how much is 80 pounds in kilos?"
Jason " 2 pounds is about 1 kilo so 40."
me " well than it is good."
US HISTORY is always funny I am sitting next to some funny boys, I am having a lot of fun, I bring them danish candy, and they all hate it except this mexican dude, he likes it. I really fell like I got a good seat in that class.
Xxx. Caoimhe  


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  1. what a wonderful essay, Caoimhe. I have a sensation of having just visited you.
    just like your school mates are broadening your horizon you certainly broaden their horizon as well.
    keep writing, beatiful sister-daughter! you are really, really good at it.

  2. Hey White Girl
    Run for it - run!
    Glæder mig allerede til at høre om næste fredag :)

  3. Næste gang kunne du give den gas med Nelson og alt det der, bortset fra at de sikkert ikke ved hvem Nelson er :b Men som Rikke siger: så kan de så meget andet. Om en stor uge så er jeg i landet bare på østkysten, nærmere betegnet Philadelphia. Kh herfra - alle medregnet.