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Hey everybody
I was trying the track team at my school this week, since I was looking for an extra after school sport.
I few weeks ago I went into the office and asked for what school activates I could join, but the lady behind the desk said that it was to late. I got really sad, because I really wanted to join something, and I just got my physical. I got my physical very late, since I didn't know I had to have one to join a sport.
The only thing I could get was water polo, I wanted to do water polo, because I have a lot of friends in water polo, but I am a very bad swimmer, so I knew it wouldn't go well at all, they would have to save me from drowning every 10 sec, so that was a no go.
3 weeks ago.
Kitty was waiting by the corner when she normally picks me up after school. I got into the car, and Kitty had great news. A (black) handsome guy had come by the store that day to buy a lot of water. Kitty had notices the RC on he's shirt and asked if he was from Rango High school. It turns out that he was the Track trainer at Rango Cucamonga High School! Kitty told him about me (and my "long" legs) , he said that I should come by on monday.
I came on monday, but I didn't have my training clothes with me. I made a deal with him to meet him on Friday.
I had to skip track, because I was given Cookie dough from my drama teacher ( a lot of cookie dough!) and It needed to get in to a fridge as soon as possible, since it was a very hot day.
Monday this week
I showed up, I didn't really want to, but I came.
There was I, a white chick with a loose ponytail and my P.E. clothes on, didn't fell like I really belonged there. I was standing next to a (black) guy and it was so funny, we were standing next to the track and the cross country team was running. This black guy standing next to me and he kept making jokes about the country team. There was a very tall black guy running by. " Oh he run like a slave!" Me laughing "He look like a slave running from a bullet." maybe it isn't so funny when you read it, but it is cracking me up very time I thing about it, because it was so true!
The trainer is also a trainer for the American football team, and he had to train them, so we had to train ourself.
He was say a lot of things something about the time and rounds. I didn't understand what we we're doing, I could fell the panic, and how I just wanted to run away from everybody, I didn't want to make a fool of myself in front of the American Football team, cross country or track.
I when over to the trainer and said I couldn't do it, he asked me why. I said that I would be able to do it well, but then he told me that half of the team wasn't good runners, they normally jump or something else. that made me fell better and I decided to do it. I ran 6 rounds without stoping at anytime. I could see that most of the other we're taking breaks or walking.
After school. I meet the team after school and people from the team started talking to me, they we're all so sweet. One girl told me she always wondered what a danish person was and that it made sense that they came from Denmark.
We we're running up and down stairs, it was hard, but nice. I felt really good.
It is really funny, because I am the only white person, not that it matters, but Kitty told me that it would normally be latino or Afro Americans that would be on track.
Friday before school. Friday is normally a day where you meet late, but here you meet at normal time.
we we're in the weight room lifting. I was lifting 25 pounds/ 11.5 kgs, It was hard but I could find anything else. I knew after the training that I wanted to join the track team.
Xxx. Caoimhe        

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