søndag den 23. september 2012


Homing game was a lot of fun. It was amazing what they had prepared, and my friend Penelope won homing Queen!

I when out with Cindy to buy tennis shoes for my p.e. Class. We went by sephora, cindy told me to ask them to do the makeup on my eyes. The workers were ever exicted to do my eye makeup for homecoming, and it turned out really nice, so nice that they asked me to allow them to do the rest of my makeup. I thought it was awesome they wanted to do it and they were really nice.
I had a really nice time. First we went to a park to take photos afterwards we went to a resturan and After that we ti the dance. It was a good Night and I had fun.
Xxx. Caoimhe

I love this picture haha. This is Elisabeth (Eli)


Homecoming game

Penelope is one of my friends and she won Homecoming Queen

Me and the Queen


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