mandag den 3. september 2012

Football game

I was at my first football game
At first I was very nervous, I was a afraid that I would arrive to early or to late.
I jumped out of the cars with my camera in my bag I didn't know what to expect, lucky for me we were all wearing black to support the team, so I known who were going to Rango cucamonga. I got in and Sheridan founded me, and showed the way to the others.
It was awesome, I was screaming my lungs out when the football team ran thought the banner, everybody was screaming I have fun. The sprite was high, and the football team could feel it, they won 40 - 10, ha ha. I had lot of fun, and the cheerleader and band was a lot of fun to see. The funny thing is you wasn't really playing attention to the football game. You were talking to people, saying " hi," and "bye."There was 2 guys asking their girlfriends out for homecoming, it was so sweet. :)
I can't put pictures out I don't know why, but if your friends with me on Facebook you can see them.

Xxx. Caoimhe

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