mandag den 3. september 2012

Car Show

Yesterday I was invited to another Car Show by Craig and Cindy. I was sitting in the back of their green mustang from 1971 ( not a lot room in that car). we went down Baseline were we meet Godwin and he's family ( he is the owner of the red mustang I drove in last time) the car show was in another town on 66 route. ( I drive on route 66 almost everday)
It was a small car show, but funny, it fun to see all the old cars.
I let Godwin daughter take some picture, so they are not all by me (which would be weird if it was, because I am on them) :)

inside the green mustang

there was a forest firer on the other side of the mountains

the green mustang

Craig and Cindy

This is a bag they use in the old days. You would have water in it and cool down the motor with it :)

There is not many hudson's in the world only about 6000

reminds me of my old bratz car shah

oh yes :)

budweiser car

the dinner

me and betty boo

for you mom :)

me and a budweiser car


 Xxx. Caoimhe

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  1. Hold nu op! Her kan man tale om biler ...og ROUTE 66! I need a car NOW!!!!

  2. Jeg vil gerne bede om en af de blå, med taget, og en Betty Boop, tak.