mandag den 30. juli 2012

One day left!

One day to go!
I am very excited to go to The Stats tomorrow, I can't wait. Today was the first time it really hit me, I am going to the big country with Hollywood, glam, guns, burgers, movies, deep pan pizza, high school, and the very famous american accent.
People have asked me if I am scared, I always answered no, it has been my dream to go to California after secondary school for a long time. I knew it from the day I had told my dad about, what I was going to do after secondary. We were in his car. He asked me where I wanted to go in the United Stats, I said I did not know, right after California gurls with Katy Perry and Snoop dog started on the radio. From that moment I knew California was where I needed to go.
The only thing I would be scared of was if there where any problems, like if something in security went wrong, and I couldn't get out of the airport.
I really don't think their will be any problems with my host family. The lady of the house ( Kitty )and I have meat and she seems really nice.
I said goodbye to my friend Maja today, we where looking at pictures of the high school the ones we could find online. It looked really awesome!
My dad called today to wish me luck when I am going to N.Y.C. He found an app for Rancho Cucamonga, it is awesome. It tells where the shops are.
I am going to be living at the YMCA in New york.

Xxx. Caoimhe    

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  1. we are going to miss you so much. but we also know that this is what you want.
    and we are so proud of you.
    you can add all our love and compassion to all the love and compassion in the world that will be backing you up, Caoimhe.